Single Court Padel: A Unique Experience on the Padel Court


In the beginning, padel was created and intended to be played as a doubles sport. Unlike tennis, where singles play is generally more popular than doubles, in padel, it’s the opposite. Doubles padel dominates, while singles padel takes a back seat. In fact, there aren’t even official tournaments organized for singles padel, and finding a single padel court can be a challenge. However, the demand for singles padel seems to be on the rise. It’s becoming more common to see people playing padel with just two players on a court intended for doubles, using either the two horizontal boxes or the two diagonal boxes. While singles padel is still relatively rare, single padel courts are gaining popularity. Discover what makes singles padel exciting and where you can play on a single padel court.

Solo Adventure: Experience the Thrill of Padel Singles Play

Padel, whether in doubles or singles, is already an exciting and intense sport. However, singles padel can be even more intense. It can be quite refreshing to rely solely on yourself during a game of padel. When playing padel with two people, you’re responsible for handling every ball, so there’s no teammate to pick up the slack when you’re tired. This makes singles padel more physically demanding, despite the smaller court size. Moreover, because you don’t have a teammate to fall back on, you must fully concentrate on the game and your opponent, increasing the mental challenge and making the game more thrilling.

A Personal Game: Discover the Benefits and Challenges of Playing on a Single Court

Playing on a two-person padel court, even without official tournaments, offers many advantages. Singles padel is valuable training for doubles padel. As mentioned earlier, singles play is more physically demanding, contributing to better fitness. Additionally, because you are entirely self-reliant, you need to maintain longer and better focus. This can improve your concentration, which will benefit you in doubles play.

Singles padel is an excellent way to work on all your padel shots. In doubles, players often fall into specific patterns. For instance, you might always stand on one side of the court because of your strong forehand, neglecting your backhand (or vice versa). Or perhaps you are a great baseline player, which means your partner is always at the net. In singles padel, you must cover the entire court by yourself, which forces you to practice different shots, including your volleys and smashes. You’ll need to use both your forehand and backhand extensively since you have the entire half of the court to cover. An additional benefit is that you have more opportunities to serve in singles padel, allowing you to work on your serving skills and consistency.

Another advantage of playing solo is that you only need to find one other person to enjoy a game of padel. Scheduling can be challenging when coordinating with multiple players, given everyone’s busy lives with work and social commitments.

Solo Padel: Push Your Boundaries and Enhance Your Skills on the Court

Do you want to improve your all-around padel skills through one-on-one matches? You don’t need to play on a doubles court for this; even if you’re playing with just two people, you’ll pay the rate for a doubles court. The Padellers offers one or two single padel courts at the following locations in the Netherlands: Padel Bergen op Zoom, Padel Breda, Padel Doorn, Padel Geleen, Padel Groningen, Padel Roermond, Padel Uitgeest, Padel Hengelo, Padel Valkenswaard.

For these single padel courts, you’ll pay a lower rate than for a doubles court. So, book a single padel court today and enhance your skills!